Controlled/Obsessive. I need opinions!

So my boyfriend and I have almost been together for 10 months, we previously dated when we were younger for a year but then he cheated on me and broke up with me. We are now older and I just graduated high school and am currently taking summer classes at college... but I can not, NOT respond to him or else he will call me repeatedly till I answer, he gets mad if I'm working with one of my male coworkers, he always has little comments to upset me but he doesn't see a problem with it, if I wear too much makeup or a shirt that is low cut he says I'm trying "show off for other people" but the truth is, is that it's for me to make myself feel good. I honestly feel like we fight all the time and it isn't worth it anymore but anytime I go to break up with him... all I do is have a panic attack and cry. I can't imagine life without him but I don't think right now is our time and I need to focus on my future career but I do love him a lot.. what would you guys do if you were with someone like this and they treated you like that...? Please respond. I need advice and help.