Need a friend

Elizabeth • Married, mom of 2 wonderful kids. Preggers with our 🌈.
I've had 3 miscarriages (first in April 2016, second Jan 2017, third may 2017). I'm feeling defeated and helpless. Dr tells me that hubby and I are healthy and have no problem getting pregnant. It's the holding onto one that's the problem. With my last mc I didn't even know I was pregnant and to make things even more strange I'm on birth control to regulate hormones, so I shouldn't have be able to get pregnant? Hubby says it will happen in time, but it still sucks. Hubby has been feeling down too since we've lost all 3 of his babies (I have 2 from previous relationship). My 10 y/o daughter would really like another sibling and my 8 y/o son doesn't want to be the youngest haha. I could really use words of encouragement and even some friends. Thank you.