How do I move past this?

So A few days ago I found out my husband has been having extreme sexual issues. He set up a Plenty of fish dating profile and an email specifically for talking to other women. My friend found out and she was the one that told me. I knew it was recent(I took his profile picture) and I guessed his password(it was one I made for him when his email was last hacked).  When I started reading the messages my stomach felt like it hit the floor. He has done this before but this time he was trying to get women to come to his work and/or meet up with them. There were addresses he gave and he was trying to figure out times.. it makes me feel sick talking about it. He also started up his porn addictions issues really bad again. My mother stepped in and said that regardless of what happens she is going to help him get counseling. He cried and cried and said he doesn't want to be done. He asked me to put parental controls on his phone and we have a counseling session set up for today...
This is probably the 4th time in almost 7 years that I know of. Am I doing the right thing?