I can't get Tan anymore

Has anyone else had this problem? I'm blonde and fair skinned but growing up I spent time on the river, outside playing sports and was a Life guard. I used to tan very easily and in High School for prom I would use a tanning bed. In college, I tried tanning in a tanning bed because I wasn't getting as tan as I wanted in the sun for a wedding, and it took longer for me to tan than it previously had because I hadn't spent much time outside. Two years ago, I tanned in a tanning bed for a wedding and I ended up getting burnt and got a skin rash. I tried one more time for another event, the same thing happened. I'm never going to tan in a tanning bed again and have resorted to strictly spray tans for events. My friends wedding is this weekend and I wanted to try and get a little tan so I've been spending time outside (with sunscreen of course) trying to get a slight base tan and last weekend I spent a half hour each day outside. I got a little color but was a hint burnt. Has anyone else had similar problems where they used to tan and now can't?! Not sure if it's because my hormones changed or what. Side note: I'm totally ok with having fair skin but I don't want to be super pale in a champagne dress for this wedding and am not a huge fan of spray tans. But I'm also not a fan of cancer either! If you have suggestions on spray tans, help a girl out!!