oka ladies, I need major help/advice. I'll give a small back story so you aren't in the dark.

Around my Freshman year of high school I was stupid and had sex😖 then I was practically forced to be on birth control. I was on the shot for about 3 years (stopped taking my junior year) and hadn't gotten a period in over a year. so I went to my obgyn and she had prescribed me this medicine (stupid me forgot the name if it) anyways that jumpstarted my period for me.

after graduation and having a pretty steady period for a couple months, my period had vanished. my boyfriend and I got overly excited. we've been hoping for a baby! after I hadn't got my period I took multiple tests, one seemed to have a faint positive line, the rest being negative.

just a few weeks ago I had gotten a pesky yeast infection, so I went back to the gyno, once they found out I hadn't had a period since April the 1st, the tested me, and.. negative😣 I didn't think I was pregnant but my love and I though positive. my Dr then prescribed me to another round of the medicine (name still hasn't came to my head, and can't find the bottle at the moment)

back to the present, I'm now on the 6th day of my period after the 10 pills prescribed. My main question and biggest concern, (I hope the experts on this page will know the name of the medicine that for some reason won't come to my head.) how hard do you think it would be to conceive after this medice and the period troubles? mi novio and I would absolutely DIE of happiness if we became pregnant. we've been ttc for about 6 months now, last night we did one of the at home $44, sperm fertility check tests and he came back positive😊, so that's a good step. since he is older than me he thought he could have been the problem.

so, ladies! please give me all of your advice🤗

and be honest! thanks in advance