a step away from cervical cancer

Anna • Momma to 4 angels and 2 bundles of energy! CCT 10/26/11, SGT 1/4/18
Went into the dr today for my 12 week checkup and a colposcopy. Baby's heartbeat sounds fantastic. My husband couldn't be there ((he's sick, our son is sick, I am too but on the mend more than they are)) so I recorded the Doppler for him. Heart rate 165! Before any of that, the Dr. did the colposcopy. My Pap smear had come back showing severely abnormal cells and she was insistent on doing the colposcopy today with possible biopsies if she saw something that greatly concerned her. I was freaking out. Full on sobbing before she did it. Being by myself really didn't help. I do have to say, my doctor is amazing. I mean, I absolutely love her. She was so nice, so sweet. I've never had an OB as wonderful as she is. She said I'm literally a step away from invasive cervical cancer. I have a family history of reproductive cancers and fibroid tumors.. I have PCOS which ups my risk for cervical
Cancer and then I found out today that I have HPV.. had no idea. I had an abnormal pap before I found out I was pregnant with my son and was supposed to have a colposcopy done but because I had had miscarriages previously, very close to when I got pregnant again, my old dr chose not to do it. After my son was born, my pap was normal. My dr says this won't revert back to normal at this point. All she saw today were some abnormal blood vessels but no lesions which makes me feel more comfortable. But I'm still freaking out. I have to change all sorts of things about the way I live, the way I eat.. trying to prevent myself from taking the step to it... anybody deal with this?? I think the thing that scares me the most is being pregnant while this is happening...