Hubby is 35, hates TTC pressure

Sarah • 35, PCOS, TTC # 1 with Acupuncture and IVF in 2019
Hi all,
My hubby is 35 and I'm 34 with PCOS. We've been TTC since September 2016, only 2 months "off" when I wasn't ovulating. 
We've been together for 10 years and sex has never been the center of our relationship, but it's always been very satisfying. In our TTC journey, he's having occasional erectile problems due to the mental pressure of "having to" perform. We've had talks about it, and it really boils down to the pressure of TTC. He loves me, he wants a baby, etc.  
Just curious how others deal with this. I get frustrated because TTC is like 95% my work of going to the Dr 2-3x/month, getting meds at the pharmacy, and taking meds 9 days a month... and I literally just need him to have sex with me twice! But I'm trying not to shame him about it. Oh and he definitely knows that we're TTC and that it's all about timing, so there's no way of "just making him feel wanted" and tricking him into sex when we need it! Lastly, we really want a baby and don't want a break from TTC. 
Thanks for reading and baby dust to all.