Eating Cured Meat during your Pregnancy?

How many of you ate Cured Meat(s) during your pregnancy? Whether it be reguarely, in small portions or avoided it all together.
My family make their own for cultural reasons and without being rude to them, I've been making sure it's incredibly fresh & store bought for me, only putting a few (2-3) slices on my rolls, but it still makes me really nervous afterwards just because there's no symptoms for Toxoplasmosis. 
I've eaten Hungarian Salami on 3 seperate occasions during the last 7 months and this is the only Cured Meat I've eaten out of them all. 
If I was genuinely concerned that I had the illness I would be contacting all my doctors but I am posting this purely to see how many ladies have had an issue with it. 
I am aware that the chances are very very small.
Please do not be the lady commenting "Why risk it? It's 9 months of waiting.." as it's quite rude when it's a religious/cultural post and many of us cannot avoid it in our diets.