So my boyfriend came home from work crying telling me that we should break up. Now I'm crying asking him why all of sudden he feels like this. He tells me some examples like I don't go clubbing with him like I used to when we first went out, that I don't watch the same tv shows like him like I used to and that we don't have long talks and that when we do have long talks I just sit and listen and since we moved into our new apartment I've kinda been lazy and haven't unpacked yet so he hates that and I'm just like that stuff we can work on and he just goes on to say he just doesn't feel it anymore with me. So I ask him and beg him not to leave because I love this man I've been with him for a year and I don't see myself being with anyone else and he tells me that we can do a trial to see if we can work it out and I want to do everything I can to make this work 
I wanna fight for this relationship I don't want to give up ladies am I being crazy for wanting to fight for my relationship. We have gone through so much the year that we have been together that I don't think we should throw it all away minor issues I just ughhhh....