Is it possible this may end as a chemical pregnancy?

So of course I'm doing what lots of us ladies do but shouldn't and google a million things because we worry so much about everything. So I took a test Sunday (yesterday) and it came up dark bfp, and af isn't supposed to start until Friday. I've been reading that a lot of times when a person gets a bfp so early it turns out to be a chemical pregnancy! Now o am scared to death, this week c ant go by fast enough. With my first pregnancy I had really sore boobs and I tested after af was late about a week and a half. This time I have no symptoms other than being a little extra tired. I am so worried that This Is going to end as a chemical pregnancy. Should i test all daya up tp af to see if the lines get lighter? Any words or wisdom would be appreciated!

(Picture is from yesterday (Sunday))