the doctor called, and..

She said my child has a chance of having Down Syndrome. I couldn't stop myself from crying, I left the house without telling my bf. I didn't know how he would feel. I drove all the way to my mom is outrage tears. I couldn't breath, I just didnt understand. How could this happen to me, to my baby, to our future. I prayed, I still pray for my baby to be healthy and happy. My mom didn't even shed a tear and told me sometimes those test are wrong and she doesn't believe it. She put me back on my toes, I came home and told my boyfriend.. he kissed my belly and said, 'It's Still Our Baby.' He doesn't believe this either. I got myself together and realized. Even if this is true, this isn't the end for my baby. I don't care what could be wrong, this baby is counting on me to love them unconditionally, and this is what I will do.. this is what I do. I'm going to be a mom to the most beautiful and amazing child. So, if it is positive for Downs or not.. it's positively my baby. ❤️