Is now the time?!

emma🖤 ttc #2, boy mom to 1💙
 Let me give you a little backstory before I ask advice so you can take all into consideration but would love to have a bit of feedback and opinions. 
I had a miscarriage in March, I have had 2 cycles since. Last cycle been 20th-24th May. My 'fertile' week according to app was  1st-8th June. During this week for 3 days I had light spotting/bleeding - not period like but did last 3 days so who knows🤷🏼‍♀️ this came only 12-13 days after a period.  I havent had a period since that spotting even though AF was due 19th-23rd June so techincally 8 days late. I keep thinking things I feel are symptoms(similar to how I felt before) but not sure if I'm just hoping and grasping onto straws! 
Shall I take a test now and see or wait just a little longer? Or would you just wait for AF to show up as the little bleed could of just been my periods been a bit messed up now- which is frustrating as pre-miscarriage periods were like clockwork to me!! 
Thank you for any advice in advance!! X