am I over exaggerating???

Me and my child's father has a semi decent relationship. We call eachother baby but we only see eachother on weekends because he works so much. He usually has Sunday's off but I know occasionally he will have a Wednesday off and won't tell me... well today will be my 4th appointment and he hasn't been to any of the previous ones. I have told him EVERYTIME the time and date (a month before hand) and he still doesn't make an effort. I understand he works a full time job but I still don't understand why he can't park his semi for 10-15 minutes to run in and join me at my appointment (I usually schedule them around his lunch time). Am I over exaggerating by being frustrated and upset?? I haven't spoke to him since about 2 days when I went off about it and even said I doubt he will be at the baby shower and birth. He's a very supportive father with his other kids but it seems as if he just doesn't care about the one we have on the way together (our first together). I'm tired of going to appointments alone.. it's so weird trying to share my joy with him and he doesn't seem interested because he's busy or tired.