the way he looked at me and kissed me

So Me and my friend have been talking for a while. I knew him at my old school in grade 8🏫In fact he was my very first boyfriend💓💑 Anyways, last week I told him I'll take him to the movies and pay for his ticket since he paid for mines. *guys deserve to be treated too*😌
So today we meet up at the movies and we watched the mummy🖤 I missed the first 5 minutes because he showed up late😒but none the less we enjoyed it. Especially with lil kisses here and there throughout the movie😏 
The mummy was Awesome btw. 
Then his brother dropped me home. It was a funny ride home and he said he want come in my house. So growing up in a black family home,👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 I never went out and my mommy don't like ppl in her house. So when he said that I was like🙃....u want what?!😕 Come in who house?!😐Have to be joking!😀
But anyways, he came inside and let me tell you‼️‼️‼️ This child could have the audacity to walk up in my house and start looking around. Like he gone from the front room to the kitchen and then half way to my bedroom. I tell him come come come like where you get off at?!😐😐 
But anyways. He say where is my kiss goodbye so I said come for it😏 So he pulled me into his embraced and kissed me. His hands rubbing my boungie and just loving me up🤤 We walked to the front door and he just leaned over me and me leaning over the couch and my right leg just rubbing against his waistline and him holding my back and kissing me. He THOUGHT he had enough of me but 😭❤️ damn‼️ could of feel him getting hard and making me wet. Just the thought of wanting him in my bed and have his brother to leave him at my house and come back for him in like and hour or two. 
That's my story. 
P. S. He said he was getting hard while in the movies. Lord knows what a bad gyal could of done😏‼️