Why won't he sleep with me?


Hey girls! Need some advice here. Please tell me if you think I'm being dramatic about the situation.

I've been seeing this guy now for about three months - we have both agreed to be exclusive to each other.

I'm 22 and hes 26. He lives an hour or so away and we both work full time jobs so often it can be hard to make time for each other.

So when we do see each other, we are usually around one another for a good 24 hours plus. This often involves him staying over etc.

A few times I've made a move on him and his aways made an excuse to reject me. First time it was because he was half asleep (it was 3am when I woke him up), second was because he was too hot??

Each time he says no it's actually really hurtful but because he is so chill about everything I don't think he understands how much it offends me?

Should I bring it up? I do want to know why he doesn't want to sleep with me? Is he waiting for something? What is it?

Am I overthinking this and bring dramatic or should I discuss it with him?

Thanks girls ❤️