Our wonderful birthing story

I was very fortunate. I was only in labor for about 5 hours, three of which I was completely oblivious to. I had my son March 5th but I have been having contractions since December and a lot of them gotten between 3 to 5 minutes apart and then good luck back up. So late morning on March 5th we didn't leave home until they were about 3 minutes apart and my husband and step-dad forced me into the car. I was in complete denial that I could possibly be in labor due to all the rest of the contractions I've been having throughout my pregnancy.

So we got to town and made him take me to McDonald's with my first child I had a Big Mac right before I went into labor so I did the same for my second I was hoping it would be my good luck charm and that it would be real.

When we got to the hospital the doctor checked me I was dilated to 6 and my contractions were every two minutes apart and they were rating on a very high scale on the monitor. At this point I have been in labor for around 3.5 hours. So kinda of big thank you to my husband for taking me to the hospital even though I was in denial so I wouldn't have our kid in the middle of nowhere.

The doctor comes in and asked if I wanted her to break my water shortly after she did that I set up on the ball. While the nurses readied my room for delivery they discovered the baby warmer didn't work so I had to walk across the hall period shortly after getting into our new room and settled I felt the baby drop I asked my husband to push the call button and ask my mother and husband to move me to the bed I was bound and determined this baby was going to come out and sure enough I was right... as my mother sister and brother were leaving the birthing room the doctors and nurses were running in. Needless to say they made it in Just In Time the umbilical cord was wrapped around my son's neck and the doctor let my husband cut the cord she told him exactly where to cut and he touched the scissors to the wrong spot as she started yelling at him I grabbed him by his hair made him look at me I said you cut me I will cut you and I gave him a kiss. The doctor and the three nurses and the two Med students and the room laughed at how calm I was and how deadly I meant it. After he cut the cord I gave one more push and needless to say nobody was left laughing besides me and my husband because after the head and shoulders came out the rest of my water and the placenta came rushing out all of the doctors and nurses and Med students in the room were soaked.

From what I have had explain to me most pregnant women carry 14 something's of fluid and I was carrying well over 30

Yes i had both my babies all natural. My husband was the only pain release I needed he kept rubbing me and making sure he counteracted the pain rubbing my lower back and tailbone. During the contractions he kept telling me I was a trooper. But he was the real trooper he does not have the strongest of stomachs and he gets nervous at the sight of blood or vomit. And he somehow mustered up the courage to cut the cord right next to my hoo-ha!! I feel blessed to have all 3 of my boys in my life.💞