caught in a lie

So I made a fake Snapchat to follow ppl and to be hidden because a lot of boys and ppl I didn't know would try to follow me on my original personal one and would end up knowing my information and it just made me feel weird so I did it trying to get away. Well I talk to a guy now and I followed him on the fake one just cause. I recently caught him in a lie because he had a friend who was a girl that he posted on his story but he didn't want me to see so he blocked me on my personal original one. So I kept it up. Due to the new update and map he saw it today and asked me about it and I made a lie saying the address and location may be wrong because in google map or any map it takes you to the wrong location because they named our streets the same although it's two different places. I want to come out to him and tell the truth but I feel like it's too late. I feel bad I feel like I was very wrong for lying and should have just said it was a spam account but I didn't and idk how to fix the problem. Should I fess up ?