tips on remembering iron + overcoming anemia

Paige β€’ 23. Joyfully married. 2 angel babies. MTHFR mutation. Hoping for my rainbow baby. 🌈
I am not allowed to start TTC my rainbow baby until I get my iron levels back up but I just keep forgetting to take my iron due to crazy work hours and just general life. I have a reminder but it isn't always easy to take it at that time and then I forget. I keep telling myself that unless I take my iron I won't have a baby, but I'm not a very good motivator.Β 
Also, any tips on overcoming iron deficiency for someone who doesn't eat much red meat (absolutely hate the taste). I got told by my doctor to avoid spinach because it actually doesn't help with iron and can inhibit its absorption. Thank you lovelies! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ