S*** my boss says...

So I want to hear all the controversial and just awkward shit your boss has said to you or others.
Things that my boss loves to talk to me about that are super inappropriate:
- How BLM is bullshit and ruining cop's lives 
- How the only mission in life for black people is to kill cops 🙄
- How Donald Trump is a great man because he's getting rid of corruption
- How the whole Russia thing is bullshit and made up by politicians because they want Trump to be impeached
- How horrible Obamacare is
- Hillary's emails  (and yet Mike Pence's private server is okay with her)
- How shitty "my generation" is (even though I'm not even a millennial and have told her so like three times now 🤷🏻‍♀️)
-Safe spaces also really grind her gears
So tell me some of the ridiculous shit your boss has said and maybe mention how you handled it because right now I just nod and smile but I hate having to do that because she's literally insulting entire groups of people based on circumstantial evidence.