can't come to terms with it.

My ex dumped me to "find himself" "be alone" "focus on himself for a bit" ten days ago after dating for a year. Aka cop out/bs excuses. Now he's posting his tinder conversations on twitter and telling his friends he's single and "stuff happens" and he's saying he needs to find a fine young lady, in his words. We had stuff planned the night he dumped me and for our anniversary soon as well. So it came as a shock and now I can't accept the fact he gave me those excuses but is actively looking for someone else. It hurts he didn't want ME and just didn't say it but he's so quick to look for someone else. 😔
The worst part is he last told me he loves me but can't talk to me right now, but then deleted me everywhere and I haven't heard a thing since. I haven't reached out because he doesn't care but it just hurts me so much.