Advice please?!


So yesterday I went to my Dr and I was pretty sure that I had strep. My while throat was white and had red spots. She put me on antibiotics. Fast forward to later that night, I was sleeping and woke up BC I was BURNING up. I literally felt like my body was an oven. I took Tylenol waited an hr, my fever still didn't break. I got worried, then I started puking and had diarrhea. I ended up driving myself to the er at 3 am because I was worried about my fever not breaking and being 27 weeks pregnant. I got to the er, they took a strep swab. (I took 3 amoxocillins during the day ) The dr did nothing. He was rude! He didn't make sure I wasn't dehydrated ... Just told me I dont have strep I have the flu and just walked out and discharged me. I still can't keep anything down. I'm taking my antibiotics that I started yesterday but I feel worse. I'm coughing so bad that I keep pissing my pants :(

I feel Terrible that I can't eat and nourish the baby.

Idk what to do from here..?