some advice please?

So yesterday was my 20 week scan I am currently 20 weeks +4 days pregnant with our little princess. 
We have had 2 previous scans one at 12 weeks and one privately at 16 weeks and also my 20 week scan, first to scans went to plan how I imagined or even better than I could ever imaging baby is a healthy little girl, yesterday however she was laying in the most awkward position ever would not move head was face down into my right hip right at my pelvic bone the sonographer tried her best to get the measurements acquired at the 20 week anomaly scan after 45 minutes of pushing and prodding my already sore swollen belly as bladder was full already the sonographer decided to send me for a walk to get baby moving so for 20 minutes I was advised to walk up and down the stairs prodding my belly do star jumps and squats so I followed the advice and done what I was told and returned 20 minutes later. We began and baby still hadn't moved a inch so a further 45 minutes later she finally wriggled out of her man cave and showed herself for a brief few minutes untill she huddled down right to my pelvic bone again but in this time the sonographer managed to get the heart and head measurements she needed we were finished with the scan and baby is all healthy and measuring 2 days ahead of my due date but she likes to lay way down low almost to the point I have a non visible bump. Stomach was abit fore for the rest of the day but I thought it was due to the prodding and pushing the sonographer needed to do during my scan to get the results, I had a bath and a early night and it eased. Today I woke up with a serious stabbing pain in my lowed stomach around 7 am ran to the toilet and felt this almighty pressure pain almost Asif I needed to go number 2 it went then after about 10 minutes the pressure pain has been on and off all day went to work came home early due to it being worse when I'm standing up it has eased a little not a painful feeling but almost wiered I haven't felt this before I don't want to go running to the hospital and wort myself even more I haven't had any problems so far in this pregnancy and at all her scans our baby girl and my placenta have been really healthy and growing well, my mam thinks I should get checked out I have decided to wait and if it goes then I know it's just a little tender from yesterday still but if it presists I will go to the hospital and get checked out don't want to be dramatic if it's normal, has anyone else experienced this before and any advice on what I should do? Thankyou for the long read ☺️☺️