my husband is a child

Taylor • soon to be mommy to rowen kingsley ☺️✨
So, after coming home from a LONG day at work, my husband is no where to be found. I checked all over the house and nada, I even called his phone a couple times. Our dogs kept crying toward the back door so I went in the back and saw this. 
My husband is such a child...
I walked outside to him with kid floaties around his ankles (he said so he could stay afloat in a 4 ft  in a tube with goggles on. Also, we have no kids so he just got all of this for the hell of it 🤷🏼‍♀️ When life gets crazy he's the one who always makes me laugh at the end of the day. He lives to make me laugh and I love it. He's just a constant reminder to never take life to seriously. No complaints here! Time to go jump in my bathing suit, put some floaties on and call it a day 😊