When was the last time you&your SO had sex?

So here's the back story, my SO and I were TTC for nearly 2 years, at 1 1/2 years TTC I was diagnosed with Primary infertility, but we kept trying and we did 1 cycle of clomid, but it was too expensive $270+ per cycle (for doctors visit and clomid) since my insurance doesn't cover infertility. After the clomid cycle we tried for 1 more month with everything timed perfectly. After that cycle we stopped having sex, the pressure got to my SO one night and we literally got in a fight in the middle of it. And we haven't had sex since, that was September so it's about 10 months now, we mention sex ever once and awhile but we both just seem to be taking care of our own needs. We've been stressed and have had a hell of a year with his mom having cancer, we had to move, we got a dog, and just affording to live. I'm curious if this has/does happen to anyone else? Thanks everyone! 

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