Hospital Bag/35 weeks


How in the world am I suppose to pack a bag early?! My doctor and hosptial both recommend it being packed by now.. all of our toiletries are packed (we both had the little travel toiletries kit that I could toss in there) but as far as our clothes & phone chargers... we still use them! Lol. My "Hospital Bag List" is:

- 2 changes of clothes for mom & dad*

- quarters for vending machine for dad

- chargers*

- pillow (i have a favorite pillow lol)*

- IDs (aka our wallets)*

- nursing supplies

- toiletries

BUT everything with the asterisk have to wait! Which is like the main stuff! I don't understand how I am suppose to be prepared but can't pack this stuff til we are leaving! Am i forgetting stuff that can already be packed? This feels so wrong! 😂