Early baby!

Friday night I felt like I was having period cramps then exactly at midnight I felt like I got my period and when I stood up my water broke! Within 10 minutes i started having contractions that were very close. So I started to pack my bag (lol). We got to the hospital by 1 40ish with a towel between my legs and they confirmed that my water has broken. They checked me and I was 2cm dilated then an hour later check me again and I was 4cm dilated. I got an epidural (LIFE SAVER) and then within an hour was at 7cm. I fell asleep and before the nurses shift change she check me and I was 10cm! I started pushing right away and at 7 42 Scarlett Rose was born :) she weighs 7.8 Oz and is 20inches long and was exactly a week early (due date July 1st). We are so in love♥️