the guy who took my cousin's virginity

My cousin lost her virginity to a guy who lives a few streets away from me, but they never dated. After, she became the "hood hoe" a lot of guys would fuck her & even his friends. He was in a long relationship while this was going on.
3 years later, we started talking & I fell in love with him. He was very sweet to me, he'd tell me things straight up if I was doing something that bothered him or that were just wrong. My cousin knew & later she started spreading rumors to everyone, including my step dad, that he'd pick me up in the mornings to go fuck which was not true. He'd pick me up in the mornings to drop me off at school. My mom confronted her & told her to worry about her husband. I really fell in love with this dude to the point where I would throw up from the butterflies I'd feel in my stomach.. my cousin is out of the picture now, she became lost in drugs & is sleeping around with guys. I just don't know how my family will react knowing about their past..