work work work work

I regret ever saying I was ready to come back to work. These past 11 weeks flew by! Started working again and I must say, it's harder then I expected. I'm so thankful to have such an amazing baby but I am one that cannot be sleep deprived. It's really starting to put a tole on me. I stay home during the day with my baby as my husband works. When he gets home, we see eachother for a half hour and then I go to work. I don't get home until 11p so I don't get to see either my husband or baby. I don't get to bed until 1215a (due to pumping). I wake up at 4am to pump. And then we wake up between 8-9am for the day. Seems like enough sleep, 7-8 hours? No. I am so tired. I can't want until my body gets adjusted. It's caused me to be so irritated and short tempered with my husband. The fact that he gets to sleep all night, doesn't have to pump. The fact that he gets to keep his 1st shift job, doesn't have to work 2nd. The fact that he gets to go out and keep living his life. I'm the one making all the sacrifices and he gets to keep enjoying his life. 😩 I enjoy mine too, don't get me wrong. But can he for once be in my shoes?! RANT OVER.