Is it wrong??

I am 18 and have a very hard time finding jobs in my area. My mother used to clean and make money from her mom (my grandma). She no longer works for her because my grandma recently pressed charges on my brother. So my mom is angry at her and they're not speaking. My brother was on heroin and he was spending time will my grandma and i guess came back and took tools from her house. She let him in the basement beforehand to look around but i guess the lock was broke. I know it's stupid but she pressed charges on her own grandson. My brother is facing years. Hes been in jail several times, he recently got out this year after doing two years and went right back to heroin. And started doing meth. I'm upset with my grandma but im desperate for a job. I have a fine, and no one offers to help. If i don't pay it, i go to jail. My mom has every right to not want me to work for my grandma. She has every right to be mad. But she literally is insiting that I'm not allowed to clean for her. I am an adult, and can make my own decisions. I still love my family members no matter what. That was between them, not me. Is it wrong for me to work for my grandma? She's even threatening to kick me out if i work for her. Going to extreme measues like calling family members and telling them to tell my grandma I'm not coming to work, without my say.

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