Is he using me?

Okay ladies I really need your help! I have been talking to this guy for over a month and about two weeks ago we finally starting hanging out and starting spending a lot of time together. I stayed the night at his house everyday for over a week and now we have hung out off and on and our texting has gotten to be a lot less. We had sex from the beginning (which was amazing btw 😍) but I'm scared he's just using me for sex. I've told him many times from the beginning I was looking for a relationship and a couple days ago I asked him what we were and he said "were on the road to dating" and I explained that I was scared that was I was being used but he told me that he respects woman and would never do that. He's not hiding me or anything he's brought me around friends and holds my hand and stuff so I'm getting mixed signals. What do you guys think is he using me??