(I'm not sure if this is the best place to put this, but I can't find any other place which seems appropriate for this, so please don't get annoyed.)
I'm 16, and I've had three dads. The first, my biological dad, left my biological mum when I was three and I was adopted out (I haven't seen him in over 10 years). My adopted dad wasn't very interested in my life, like he was there, but we never had a real father-daughter relationship, like my older two sisters (his natural born daughters). He died less than a month before I turned 11. And the last, is not actually my dad. He's my brother in law, but he's old enough to be my dad. I think of him as dad, talk to him as if he was my dad, tell him my problems, guy stuggles, school stuggles, everyday life problems, etc., and I love him like he's my real dad. 
Is that weird? Is it weird that I think of him more like the father I never had than the other two who were legally my dad? I feel kind of bad, but they weren't there when I needed them, but my brother in law was, when I needed somebody the most. (Stopped me from suicide) I don't trust easy, and he's the only person I talk to/get advice from/trust 100%. 
I just want to know if that is all weird. And if it's wrong to have a different 'father figure' in my life...