the day I met my little Lorenzo Isael June 1st 2017.

On Wednesday may 31st around 10 pm. I had two very strong contractions then nothing, Thursday morning I started having period like cramps around 8am (making breakfast for my two kids), started cleaning up the usual stuff I always do , around 12 in the afternoon I started having contractions called my doctor and they told me to lay down drink water and see if it passes I was only 36 weeks, so I did around 2:30 pm I call my boyfriend to come home because contractions where getting stronger, left to the hospital around 3:45. When we arrived I was scared I wasnt dialating and they would send me home or something, when they checked me contractions where coming one right after the other, I was already at 6cm, when they got me to the room, I was begging for an epidural, I got it right away dr walked in when he was finishing up, dr checked me I was at an 8, he decided to break my water, as soon as he broke it I felt the urge to push they ran out to get him back in he tells me I just checked yu, yur not ready I was in tears telling him I needed to push he checked me again and says "oh my god the head is coming" he put on the ppe so fast nurses literally ran in to get the bed in place and all 3 pushes and my little Lorenzo was out weighing in at 6 lbs 14 oz. 19.5 inches long.. born at 4:50 pm. he was perfectly healthy. And the epidural didn't kick in till after he came out, so that was no help lol.