rant (you can ignore it or chime in)

So Facebook flea markets are huge now.
I've sold quite a bit of things I don't wear or use, but it drives me insane when people post clothes or items that you know are used and try to get major dollars out of them. Today this woman posted a lot of Victoria's Secret clothes I understand vs is expensive but she was asking 100 dollars for USED items. She tried saying leggings were brand new and so on but they don't have tags and they lose value once they've left the store. The lot also wasn't huge it was 4 items. 
It also bothers me when people try to haggle you to an extreme. I sold a ton of clothes to downsize so we could move into our new house. This girl kept trying to add things on to what she wanted for the same price. She kept expecting more for a price we agreed upon for previous items. 
And last it bothers me when people want to buy from you but don't want to drive to meet you for it. They want you to come to them, and then get offended when you tell them you'll need extra to drive a long ways out of your way. 
Okay rant over. I apologize