True Love ❤️

I love cuddling with my daughter. Often, I love to just watch her as she peacefully sleeps. I love watching her grow, I love seeing her smile, I like smelling her, touching her soft face. I never wanted kids, but I can admit that she has completely changed me into a better person. I love when she smiles and gets excited just by looking at me because I know that I am everything to her just like she's the world to me. I love sleeping next to her, I love taking baths with her. I love playing with her, I love when she grabs my face and puts her face against mine. It's been a wonderful, amazing journey. My sweet little girl, you are the love of life. Thank you for allowing me to be a mom. Thank you for allowing me to know the meaning of love and to live for something I never thought I could. Thank you for teaching me new things every day and most of all, thank you for loving me just like I love you. 
 My beautiful Lexi Rose