rose •
Trying yet again!! I have been trying since 2013 got pregnant 2013 misscaried 😟 got pregnant 2015 misscaried again. Dec 2016 got pregnant and stayed pregnant on April 28 2017 (my birthday) I ended up in the ER for spotting and leaking. I was told I had a bad bacterial infection that caused my water bag to leak. Worst news I had to deliver or the infection can reach my blood stream. I was also told my baby wouldn't make it. He past away on the 28th at 10:20pm. Worst Birthday ever! I just wanted to die with my baby Julian. He was only 22 weeks. So now I'm 2 days late and been cramping for the last 4 days. I'm scared to take a pregnancy test. I want to be pregnant I want a baby. I miss my Julian so much. He would of been due September 9th.😭😭