Bad day

So I just gave birth a month ago exactly today, I'm so in love with my daughter. Earlier this week my s/o insinuated about my weight gain in
directly implying about working out (but he's thin) so of course I took it as a low blow but the next day he "joked" about my modeling career being over saying that I could be a plus size model. It turned into a big argument. I told him that I was self conscious but I didn't tell him that I suffered from body issues through out mainly my adult life. He made comments to his friend about my sister who just got a Brazilian butt lift, suggesting to his friend that they should date. I'm happy for my sister but kind of envious because I want surgery myself. He made comments about my over weight neighbors and a women on tv who was thin but to him had a "gut" and it made me feel uncomfortable. While in the shower I cried to myself because I feel like a fat mess and to add insult to injury I unintentionally forgot to take my antidepressant the last few days so you can only imagine how crappy I feel today. The pic is how I look.