Does it sound like this guy is trying not to be my friend anymore?

So I had met this guy through a fb "get to know everyone" group for the college I'm attending next year. We hit it off instantly and started a snapchat streak and would text here and there and stuff. He opened up and told me A LOT of personal things that have happened to him. Then we had college orientation and he hung out with me the entire time. But then a week or so later he ended our streak on snapchat (I know how dumb this sounds lol). I jokingly called him out on it and asked him if he wanted to start a new one and he said yes, so we began to start it again and now he left me on open and broke the new streak we had. We're both in relationships but I could
tell that he was gonna be a really good friend (100% platonically) so I'm a bit disappointed. Did he maybe not like me when he met me in person at orientation? Should I ask him what's up? Or is that too much? I don't want to seem weird or clingy but I do wanna know if he doesn't wanna be friends anymore or something.  Thanks for any advice :/
📌**EDIT: my boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years and have an extremely tight relationship. I would never leave him for anyone else. that being said we trust eachother and see nothing wrong with eachother having FRIENDS of the opposite sex:)**
📌 I care about the friendship because I was excited to have a friend before school even started and we told eachother a lot of personal shit and helped eachother out