We set off the alarm and it called the fire department

This is embarrassing 🙄 we are painting my grandmothers house today. Well, it's her rent house and there's an alarm system here. It's meant to call the police, fire department and ambulance.

We don't even know what happened. The alarm just started going off saying "FIRE FIRE FIRE" and there is no fire so we are like "shit what the hell" we are calling different family members and NOBODY knows the damn code man.

My gma is like "I called the alarm company and they said they cancelled the dispatch" and I'm like..no...no mema they didn't. The fire departments here. For real, it took them less than 5 minutes to get here and we open the door to them like "hey. Uh, we really don't know how we set off the alarm" and they could smell the paint and they were like "oh you're painting, the alarm system called us?" I was like "yep and we don't know how to turn it off" and the fireman was like "well I'm not touching that thing, can you call the alarm company?" And we are like "we did and we thought it had cancelled the call" and he was like "well I'm glad y'all are good" and we're just like oh my god our luck man.

Also, the alarm was never set so it wasn't alarmed when we got here because nobody has been here to arm it. It just went off randomly.

The neighbors are all coming out to see what's happening and literally nothing happened lol maybe the fumes from the paint set it off? I have no idea.

I'm just feel bad that they had to come here just to leave over a screwy alarm system.