Pregnancy dream/unprotected sex


So last night I had a pregnancy dream which isn't unusual as I've had them before, but this time it was different. Not only did I dream I was pregnant, I dreamed I gave birth to the child I was pregnant with, AND I dreamed the days after her birth. That's never happened to me before. Usually it's either I'm JUST pregnant or JUST giving birth. But this time it was like a movie with vivid details.

To give you some back story, this past week I have been ovulating which I know because of this app and tracking my period. I had engaged in sex with my partner of 3 years but we didn't use protection and he ejaculated twice inside me. I'm a college student and definitely not ready for a baby but the whole thing was unexpected and kind of an accident, as I didn't know I was ovulating at the time. I had been on birth control several times since high school but had recently gotten off because of how badly it was messing with my hormones and mental health (I was on the depo shot). Although I know it's dumb to have unprotected sex when you're trying to avoid pregnancy, mistakes happen (no judgment please).

Anyway, because of having unprotected sex this dream caught me by surprise and I felt like it was weird timing. I remember the little girls face I gave birth to very vividly. It was the most perfect and beautiful face and I fell in love. Even now as I'm awake I feel emotionally attached to my imaginary daughter and the dream really shook me. I don't plan on having kids for many years but now I can't stop thinking about it. The crazy thing about it is I've always wanted to name my daughter Olivia and in the dream I looked at my boyfriend and said, "she looks like an Olivia". How crazy is that? It shook me up even more and I don't know what to make of any of it. I told my boyfriend about the dream and he began freaking out, thinking I was pregnant. I don't necessarily believe a dream could tell me that, but it's crazy because just the day before I was telling him how even though we had unprotected sex I didn't think I'd get pregnant because I personally think it's impossible for me. I feel like God has a funny sense of humor so even if I'm not pregnant, maybe He was trying to tell me something.

Thoughts? What are your experiences with pregnancy/birth dreams? I'm