The TTC struggle is real!!!!!

Caitee β€’ Mother of one 12/24/15πŸ’™ in love with my very best friend 2/15/17πŸ’– trying for baby #2πŸΌπŸ‘ΆπŸΌ

Oh my god. The constant mental debate on whether or not I'm pregnant is driving me freaking insane.

Am I bloated or am I just getting fat from eating so much?

Are my boobs hurting because I'm pregnant or because I'm gonna start my period?

Am I crying over a Disney movie because of pregnancy hormones, or am I just a sappy bitch?

Am I nauseous because I haven't eaten enough/ate something that didn't agree with me, or is it very early morning sickness?

Am I having implantation cramps or is this just gas or PMS?

Am I craving a cookies and cream milkshake because I'm pregnant or just because I have a sweet tooth?

Am I hungry literally 24/7 because I'm just hungry or am I knocked up?

Am I fatigued because I work 30 hrs a week and chase after an 18-month-old when I'm not working, or because I'm pregnant????

Like, I'm going nuts. Please tell me I'm not the only one.

I'm so tired of getting my hopes up thinking I may actually be pregnant, and then getting the dreaded BFN. I'm trying so hard to keep myself in check this time around so I don't get hurt again, but damn it's hard when you're so emotionally invested in your family.