Weirdest thing…

Monique • Hey, I'm a person.

I just had the weirdest dream.

I was at Canadian Tire or some other similar store and I was buying stuff with my dad, when lo and behold we run into Trump, who is shopping there for some reason, and his skin tone was more natural looking. We kind of strike up conversation with him, and thus far he hadn't said anything that made me feel uncomfortable. That is, until the topic of LGBTQA comes up. He says something along the lines of "When I'm done with those aliens, they're gonna wish they never came out."

And I, being the ace that I am, slam my hands down and I shout at him "Do I look like an alien to you? Do I have big black eyes and grey skin? Does it look like something is gonna pop out of my chest? Because an alien is one of two things: a being from another planet, or a foreigner in a country, and YOU, sir, are an alien in MY country!"

Then I woke up feeling kinda nervous and proud.