Nesting for my 9 YO 😂


Our daughter just turned 9 and is away for a MONTH with my mom in another state. I have my nursery/boys room all ready to go, so I told my hubs we should make her room all girly and posh for her so she feels special when she comes home! I'm super excited about it! I feel like she has felt left out with me getting the boys room ready and having to help me with chores so much. I kept putting her off when she asked about doing her room and told her after I had the baby we would work on it. Anyways, my nesting energy is now being directed toward her room so it's kinda backwards. 😂 I'm waddling around SLOWLY at 36 weeks trying to make it perfect. I'll post a pic of what were goin for! (Kinda). The paint and color/animal theme. : D Ok, just wanted to tell y'all Bc I can't tell anyone in case she finds out! It's a surprise! 😍😍😍🙊