I don't know what to do because I'm really sad. I was really close friends with a few girls, let's call them A, J, E, and the boy can be called G. So me and A got really close in grade 6, and then A met J and they got close too, so then it was the three of us except I was a third wheel sort of, and then A introduced me and J to her friend E. we all became really close and hung out a lot, a year later G started to hang out with us too, and so did his friend K. I had a crush on K so we 'dated' (liked each other and that was pretty much it) and then E started to like him too so then I told K we probably shouldn't flaunt it anymore or like each other cause it hurt E too much, so we were both okay with that. But then A, J, and E started to be really mean to me. Then G did too and K was really shy so he didn't talk to them very much. Me and him talked regularly though. At the end of grade 8, G called me a rat face. And I was really sad. Then A, J, and E started to bring me down a lot so I told them they were toxic friends and they got really mad. I found some new friends, but K says they still take about me a lot. And it makes me nervous. We are switching to high school next year and I don't have any friends going to the same high school as me but all of them are. I am scared they will tell lies about me, because they have been doing that. And E still likes K. K and me slow danced together because I still like him and I don't know if he likes me. I feel really scared that A, J, E, and G will tell lies about me and bully me in high school.