I had a miscarriage and d&c.


Hello im 19 i lost my baby las month it was really random i thought i was fine but at 10 weeks i started to bleed amd have horrible cramps i went for the ultrasound and thw baby wad smaller than he was supposed to be for 10 weeks and no heartbeat so the mext day i had more pain and more bleeding i got an US and no baby was shown just blood so o had a d&c; a month ago im on my period right now the doctor said to try again in 5 months i want time to go fast i really wamt my baby idk why that happened to me i was healthy i also have a pre pregnancy appointment in September to get fully tested and mae sure im healthy and my gyno said he was gonna give me pre natals aswell im exited but scared i dont wanna have anotjer miscarriage ive been eating healthy drinking nothing eles but water any tips i just want my baby please help