Terrified of becoming a mum 😢

Today after another argument with my partner I admitted something I've been afraid to say ever since I became pregnant...

I'm really scared about having this baby. I'm scared to fail as a mum. I feel not even close to emotionally ready or stable and my baby is due in 2-4 weeks. I've even thought about leaving after the babys born, I thought it would be better for it partner and my baby to not have such a pathetic person around.

I have had little female support during the this pregnancy. After I moved a few years ago I struggled to make new friends and now I have no-one to speak to. It sucks not having friends, I literally just have my partner, and 2 older female relatives who I'm not particularly close to and have issues with.

So because I don't work or have people to socialise with I'm literally losing my confidence and social skills. I can barely carry a sentence with people outside of my very small circle without getting anxious. Even talking to my midwife I worry that she'll judge me and think I'm not fit to be a mother.

I don't know what to do and how to change how I feel. I'm afraid to speak about how I feel because I worry people will think I can't handle motherhood and will try to take my baby. I just feel so lost and alone.

Advice please..