I don't know what todo with this baby..

I feel so awful. I'm 7 weeks pregnant and seen baby on a scan yesterday heart beating and swimming around. But I can't help but being miserable I'm pregnant. I'm excited and it's nice my one year old son with have a sibling. But I never felt like this with him, I was over the moon! Me and my kids dad aren't getting on well and I was planning on leaving him before finding out I was pregnant and then I find out I'm pregnant it's so confusing. 4 years and I've finally realised we are two different people and I dont think ill ever be happy with him. He makes me feel low about myself and is very negative to be around. I feel like I'll be bringing another child into a broken family. I also feel guilty that my son won't get all my attention, Teddy is disabled and needs a lot of hospital care so I'll always put him first. I live by no family of mine either to help. The dad isn't supportive or helpful at all!!

I know I'll find a way to cope and I'll love both kids as much as i can. But I'm so scared and nervous. I just want to pack up and go live by my mom, but that's not an option whilst I'm with their dad.

Please no judging as I'm already feeling miserable..