Have you experienced this?

Dani • Hello! I am 25 and my BF is 30 and we are TTC a little bundle of joy! 😀

Hello Ladies!

Let me explain a few things that have my mind wondering and maybe you can give me some insight on my delimma. 😊

So last month AF came on the first. Around the 17th I noticed some light spotting on my TP. (I only noticed it once)

I waited a couple of weeks and decided to take a pregnancy test after I noticed more spotting. BFN.

After reading a few articles online I read that some women have ovulation bleeding. (I have NEVER had ovulation bleeding!)

So on to this month. AF came as expected. Last night (the 18th) I noticed spotting again.

SO my question for you ladies, and i mean ALL of you that come upon this post and have read this far, *have you had ovulation bleeding?*

I have a asked a few close by friends and they have never expierenced it. From what I have read online its a good sign of fertility.

please tell me your thoughts on this ovulation bleeding or if you think I should be more concerned about other health reasons!

Have a wonderful day!