So over being pregnant

need to vent. ugh I had such a miserable pregnancy I'm not even making it up. I had severe nausea and threw up 5-6 times a day for 4.5 months. when that finally went away, I got a terrible cold 2 or 3 weeks later which I kept putting off before seeing my doctor 3 weeks later. I had the most terrible cough of my life which ended up damaging my ribs and tearing muscles on my left side. So yup I was put on bed rest for a month and I dealt with that excruciating pain for 2 long months. well when that pain finally went away I got sick again. thought it was a cold so started taking the z pack right away. But it turned into a double ear infection which I'm now taking amoxicillin for since Monday with like no improvement. I'm pretty much deaf for now and can't stand this ringing in both my ears along with the pressure and feeling clogged. I'm getting impatient as my ears have already been hurting for a week now but the doctor said the infection is really severe. never had an ear infection in my life before. But here I am. 37 weeks pregnant and ready for this pregnancy from hell to be over. will this infection ever go away 😭😭😭 I feel like I'll never be able to hear again or be in peace. oh how could I forget to mention how I was abused by my soon to be ex husband when I was 7 weeks pregnant now going through a divorce. court date is August 2nd. So close to my due date which is August 8th. yup everything hit me at once!