My Grandfather called my baby daddy the N word...


I have never cried so hard in my life! Like hyperventilating, hard crying. I'm currently 12 weeks pregnant. My baby daddy is African American and I'm Caucasian. I called my Grandparents house today and my grandfather answered. He immediately said "Don't you have something to tell me" I thought he was talking about me being pregnant so I said "I assumed Dad would tell everyone, but obviously you know." He said "How did you get mixed up with a N....?" I said "Papaw please dont." And he stopped. I asked him the question I called about, meanwhile trying hard to hold back the tears. And was failing. Since he was still on the phone I said "Can we talk about the comment you just made?" "I've been very confused whether or not my child will even get to know my side of the family. And with comments like that the answer is no." He didn't have anything to say and I was crying harder so I said bye and hung up the phone. About 15 mins later my Grandmother called me back apologizing for him. She said she was in the bedroom and knew nothing about the phone call until my grandfather brought her the phone after and told her she should call me to make sure I'm okay. I could barely breath from crying so hard when I answered her call. I guess it hurt me so badly because by making a comment about him based off of his skin tone, he was making the same comment to my unborn child. An innocent baby who has done nothing. I hurt for my child. I have to say this is the first time any kind of racial remark has ever bothered me so. Thinking back I can't think of any time that I was ever knowing looked down on because of the pigments of my skin. Yes, I've been called a cracker or white trash before but honestly I have always just laughed it off or ignored the comment. It ment nothing to me because I couldn't take them seriously.

What I'm asking is, do i end all contact right now? Do I give him time to come around? I think he might have realized he said to much and that's why he had my Grandmother call. I want to do what's right for my baby. I know I will anyways protect my child, even if it's from my own family. I feel like I owe it to my child to allow them to meet my side of the family but you have one chance and you better not screw it up. (I live in Arizona, they are in Tennessee)

Opinions please?