My mother is missing...

Annika • Witch🌜Gamer 🎮 Ravenclaw 💙

My mother and my step dad have been missing for months now. We aren't sure exactly when it happened. My brother and I go to see her every month or 2. And a couple months ago my brother went by their house only to see the landlord knocking on their door. He said he hadn't heard from them in a couple weeks and all their phone numbers had been disconnected. But all of their stuff was still at the house. I went by several times after that. Left notes on the door. Looked for evidence that they may have come by... nothing.

Then I got a mysterious message over Facebook from some girl I didn't know. It said that this was my mother. she gave me the address of where she was staying, as well as my step dad's phone number. But since Facebook doesn't notify you of new messages if it comes from someone not on your friends list.. I didn't actually see it until 3 weeks after it was sent.

Today, I went to the address in the message. (She wasn't sure of the apartment number. She just said D or G 4). I didn't see their car anywhere. So I went to G4 - only to find that I can't even knock on the door because there was a locked metal gate in front of it and no doorbell. So I went to D4 and it was the same thing. Locked metal fence blocking me from knocking and no doorbell. A girl next door to them happened to walk out while I was standing there so I asked her "do you know if there is a Karen that lives in D4?" (Karen being my mom's name) and she said she didn't think so. I called the number I had gotten in the Facebook message and the number was disconnected.

Nothing else I could do there so I went back to their abandoned house. There was a big trailer parked in their driveway (that had not been there 2 days ago) so I was hopeful. But then the dude next door said "oh! You must be the cleaner!" ..... I knocked on their door for awhile and then the neighbor said there was no one home. I asked him what was going on and he told me that the landlord was clearing out all of their stuff so he could rent out the house again.

I have no idea what else to do. My mom has HIV. And last I had heard - she wasn't taking her medication (can't afford it). Whenever she doesn't take her meds, she ends up hospitalized. Back in December of 2016 I went over there to find that she couldn't walk or speak. I called an ambulance and it turned out that she had pockets of infection in her brain. Which left her with some brain damage.

My mom could literally be dead right now for all I know. And my step dad may have something to do with it. Several people (including my brother) thought that he had been acting strange ever since she was diagnosed with HIV. Especially when she was sick in December - he did nothing. He let her get to the point of not being able to walk or speak - never told me or my brother. And never took her to a doctor.

Last time I saw my mom she had told me that she thought he was planning to leave her. She thought he was saving up money to leave without notice and not take her with him. I had ignored that since she had been having hallucinations and delusions since getting out of the hospital. I thought it was just more of her paranoia.... but maybe it wasn't. My mother can't work or take care of herself due to the HIV. And she doesn't really have any friends and doesn't have a phone or computer. If my step dad left her, she would be on the streets and eventually dead.

I don't know what to do. 😰